Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Colour Changing Chameleons

Colour Changing chameleons

Chameleons can hide when in danger so why can’t we?
A chameleon is a lizard that is part of the chamaeleonidae
family. It is a reptile and a baby chameleon is very small.

A chameleon has 4 distinct feet and long tongues that are
very sticky. Their eyes can rotate 360 degrees so they can
see in every direction! They scaly skin can come in
different colours. The colours being pink, blue, orange, red,
yellow, green and turquoise. If chameleons  are a dark
colour they are angry however, if they are a light colour
they are trying to attract mates. When they are cold their
skin will become darker to attract sun and get warmer.
Chameleons also don’t have ears so they are deaf.

You can find chameleons in Africa, Asia, Europe, and
America. They also live in rainforests and deserts around
those areas.  

Chameleons are good at hiding because they can
camouflage to blend in with their surroundings.
Camouflage is a minor reason why they change colour.
Scientists believe chameleons change colour to reflect
their mood. They are very fast and can run 33 km per hour.
There are also around 160 different species of chameleons.

Chameleons possess the amazing ability to change colour.
 This ability to change their physical appearance helps
them greatly in their daily life.  It is an ability that humans
have been fascinated with for a long time and probably an
ability that people wish they could have.  

Things we think we did well.
We had a good opening rhetorical question.
We had commas, full stops and capital letters all in the
right places.

Things we need to work on.
We need to work on making sure that our sentences
make sense.

By Alisha & Sobia

Tuesday, 10 April 2018


Anzac day letter


WALT: write content relevant to the task

Dear: Rachita & Joanna,

Sitting in my trench is like i'm sitting on mud and rocks. It is so uncomfortable that I can't even sleep! Looking at dead bodies make me think I am not going to last that long. I feel very worried and scared because of all the gunshots I hear at night.

Most people around me have got infections called trench foot because of tight shoes and not changing their socks everyday. Everyday I have to eat hard biscuits that break my teeth and corned beef that is tasteless, I really want to come home and eat the delicious home cooked meals that my mum makes.

In the night time I have to get up and go to  no mans land to fight our enemies. This is when I feel selfless. Some people tried to shoot me but they missed. Most of the time I get cold and I stay in my trench. Whenever it rains the trench gets all muddy and dirty and if there is to much rain we have a flood. I am very determined to come back home.
I hope this letter finds you well