Thursday, 16 November 2017

penguin information report

Penguin information report

Adaptation is when an animal gets use to a new environment. A penguin is a flightless bird that lives in the southern hemisphere. But they are great swimmers they have wet feet so they can swim. When they get cold they like to huddle and sometimes bunch together to keep warm.

Penguins live in cold deserts, a cold desert is like Antarctica. Antarctica is a cold desert because it gets a reduced amount of snow and rain. Penguins live in the antarctic because there is lots of water for them to swim. Also Antarctica is the biggest cold desert and the  

Penguins live in the arctic (southern hemisphere). Whenever they get cold they huddle together in groups to keep warm. They have webbed feet so they can swim amazingly. Their wings are shaped as flippers so they can swim properly. They have a lot of fat (blubber) in their body to keep warm.

Adaptation is when a animal or a person gets used to changes like a home or environment. If an animal or person does not adapt they have more chances that they will die.

Overall animals will soon be extinct since most of the animals live in deserts, they will soon be extinct because if they don't adapt they will die. Penguins have a lot of blubber and thick skin so they can stay warm. When they want to hunt for food they push a penguin in the
Water to see if it comes out again